Monday, January 12, 2009

Etsy Collection: The Dress

The latest etsy collection features dresses in many styles, colors, occasions and eras. The offerings are huge so this is my biggest etsy blog ever! If something catches your eye, heart 'em and convo 'em.

Pigeoni T shirt dress
by sweetbabu

Flapper style dress

The Juliana dress
by missbrache

Gray Sparrow dress
by Makool

Fairytale Princess wedding gown
by battyazac

The Marilyn dress

Silk Peasant dress

by lauri090978

I'm hunting for pieces to put in the next collection: The Book. Hand bound journals, art books...if you have something hearted or in your shop that you would like to see included, leave a comment! Thanks for reading and check back next week.


BeckyKay said...

great selections!!

nicaeli said...

love them all! Thanks for sharing:)

beanbun said...

I like the collection!

For your next one, may I suggest a handmade journal from She makes some lovely books of the dead and she has a beautiful steampunk journal here:

I love her stuff to death! My book of the dead is proudly displayed!

SvetlanaK said...

Thanks for commenting, beanbun. I'll take a look at gothcupcake's shop!

Also of interest...