Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trying the Runes

I picked up a set of runes to use in my divination class (for Harry Potter night). I haven't worked with them for myself and after reading a post on pairing them with tarot, I was intrigued.
I'm feeling lucky today, more optimistic than I've felt in a while so I drew three for myself:

I used the book that came with the kit- Rune Wisdom by Jonathan Dee. Jon Dee? Really?
And I can hear some of you cringing at the mention of "kit".

What's Leaving My Life
Isa, rune of danger
Like crossing an icy river, I was unsure many times where I was going or if I'd completely fail and have to move back- literally.
Can also be a period of 7 months- we moved here in July, which was 7 months ago.

Othila, rune of authority
This may be the appearance of someone to give me what I"ve been needing- a job! The interviewers and company are that authority. It feels beneficial though, like something stepping in to help.

How Life Will Change
Eihwaz, rune of progress
Well wonderful. I'll move on from that unsteady ice patch- also coincides with the seasons. It's winter now, but the job I have my eye on doesn't open until March. Just that has made me a little shaky about it since I'm not "officially" hired and don't want to turn down other opportunities for this but this points in a good direction. This process just needs to get moving so I have an idea of where I stand with them.

Very solid, meaningful reading. Yeah I was reading from the book but they came across clear- the way runes always do I guess.
Me likey. Guess I have another area to study. Should knit them a better bag, not this crinkly fake velvet number.

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