Thursday, January 29, 2009

Etsy Collection: The Book I

...Or maybe "Book I: The Journal" would be more fitting. A small sample of the wonderful handmade blank books etsy sellers have to offer.

Portia Journal
by immortallongings

Discover, painted fabric journal

Recycled pages journal, Chicory
by spacedogstudios

Deep red leather journal
by MyHandboundBooks

Liber Draconis Grimoire
by gildedquill

Dragonfly mini leather journal
by BindMe

Steampunk journal
by gothcupcake

I've realized the vastness of what's considered a book and will continue this series: art books, zines, photo books, sketchbooks, etc. As always comments here and to the sellers are appreciated.


mshalston said...

Great to see a feature on the wonderful books available at Etsy...they don't get enough attention. :)

Kreativlink said...

Very happy to see my work here too, thanks a lot for this nice feature :)

beanbun said...

Very nice selection! :)

My Dear Darling said...

Beautiful finds! I really like the colorful painted cloth one. :D

Pili said...

That's a really nice selection! My favourites are the Gotchcupcake and the Kreativlink ones!

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